Keyword Position Report

There are many benefits in knowing your website's position on search engines* like Google, Bing and Yahoo AND where your competitors are positioned!!  With this knowledge you can start to improve your position using your Content Management System (CMS) OR have discussions with your web developer or SEO company to have them improve your position! 

The Choice Adventures Keyword Position & Competitor Report service will show you where your website and your competitor's websites are positioned right NOW!!  Using our subscription service you will be able to monitor movement of your position up or down from the previous report...  

You know the keyword phrases** you want to be found by on the search engines.  If you have 20 keyword phrases across 5 major search engines it would literally take hours and hours everytime to check then all manually... Then you cannot check your competitors!!  

The Keyword Position & Competitor Report will do all of this...

"The keyword position report allows me to monitor how my site is performing on the search engines.  It shows 19 #1 position and another 12 page one positions.  Your service is great and so are the results" Rob Edwards from Maglok Australia Pty Ltd.

* Here are the search engines we report on Google AU.EN, Google AU.EN-loc | Yahoo AU.EN | Yahoo AU.EN-loc | Bing AU.EN

** ie.marine brisbane, hummer safari tours, country gates australia, etc.

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Mobile Site Setup

"We are getting around 1100 - 1200 visitors to our mobile site every month. We receive 1 call a day from the "Click to Call" button and 170 clicks on the "Find Us" Google map button. Thats amazing. Thanks..."
Brendan Moore from Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk

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Website Testimonial

"Our average restoration job through our website is $50,000 and we get around 6 per year! A huge thanks to the team at everything4web..."

Rob from Adelaide Hills Panel Works

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MetaTag Review Reporting

"Using the MetaTag Review tool has allowed me to fix keyword information on my pages and they are now noticably moving up the search engines. In fact I now have over 38 #1 positions on the search engines without paying an SEO company...

Judi from Panorama Concrete

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Search Engine Optimisation

"We have been using this service now for a number of years and our last monthly report shows we have over 130 front page positions with various keyword phrases on Google, Yahoo and Bing, 61 of these are number 1 positions!" 

Trudy Manhire, Industrial Gaskets

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